5 Best Wine Tasting and Winery Tours in Ljubljana

This Ljubljana wine visit will take you through the old Ljubljana town. During a 3-4 hour directed gradually paced walk you will find out about the city, accounts of individuals, design, the historical backdrop of Slovenian country and obviously – neighborhood and public gastronomy. This is significantly more than a food visit and unquestionably not your standard city tour.During the food visit you will be served 9 conventional dishes from a wide range of cooking styles from all parts and circles of society of Slovenia and 4 kinds of wine.You will likewise acclimate yourself with verifiable Ljubljana and hearing an outline of the historical backdrop of Slovenes.

1) Winery tours

The Primorska wine region is characterised by a Mediterranean climate and a wide variety of wines. The Vipava Valley offers both reds and robust whites such as Pinela and Zelen, two traditional Slovenian varieties. The most characteristic wine of the Karst region.

2) Wine Tour Slovenia
Slovenia boasts over 28,000 wineries in 9 distinct wine regions, which produce over 50 different grape varieties, some like Ljubljana. The long viticultural history and diverse geographical features offer the perfect conditions for the creation of many tasty wines. Slovenian wine culture, it is best to spend some time time in the wine country, seeing its beauty and meeting its people.

3) Winetasting Ljubljana
Ljubljana, Slovenia’s spellbindingly green and vibrant capital, is a cultural hub where the multitude of the country’s traditions come to mingle. Wine is no exception. There’s a whole array of quaint wine cellars and wine bars in Ljubljana that serve the very best wines this subalpine gem has to offer. By joining our Wine Tasting you’ll get the chance to taste 7 of the best Slovenian wines from all three aforementioned regions.

4) Wine tasting in Vipava valley

Checking out Slovenian wines by yourself while in Ljubljana is one thing; testing your knowledge and tasting skills with other wine-lovers quite another. This wine-tasting provides the latter: taking you to a 300-year-old wine bar to learn about seven top Slovenian wines in a relaxed and interactive experience. Savor the wines, uncover their history and characteristics, and enjoy tasting challenges and appetizers in an engaging and enriching atmosphere.

Wine and Culinary Adventure
Wine lovers will get unique wine tasting experience in one of Slovenia’s most famous wine region – Jeruzalem, known for terraced vineyards, divine cuisine, hospitable locals and fine wines. You will visit three boutique wine cellars, known for their exquisite wines, meet passionate winemakers in person, taste fine wines and learn about secrets of making quality wines from Jeruzalem.

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